Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049     Blade Runner 2049


Augmented Intelligence

In short; Soma-cybernetics is the interlink of available current computer technology, as to augment the somatic side of the human mind. And in it’s approach Soma-Cybernetic is distinct from the hard-wired cerebral prosthetic cybernetics of science-fiction’s cyborg or the genetically engineered Replicant of Blade Runner’s Nexus-9 science fiction fame; which are both science fiction’s prophesy of a new future world reality; but still some distance away in time.

Soma-Cybernetics has been with us in some design shape or form since the advent of the industrial age. However its rapid ascent as AI-Technology and for me was perhaps in the early 70’s, when the first university science undergraduates held his new Hewlett Packard HP35 scientific calculator that could compute advanced exponential function calculations and thus augmented the user’s somatic side of the human mind with Gestalt results of “the Whole is greater than the Sum of the Parts.

Of note in sci-fi’s latest classic movie Blade Runner 2049; the real advantage of K, the bio-engineered Nexus 9 Replicant over early sci-fiction’s Cyborgs that had hard wired Cerebral prosthetic implants; isn’t so much for their enhanced intellectual faculties, their physique or their organic injury recuperative powers, but that Nexus 9 Replicants are autonomous augmented intelligent beings that are interlinked with human beings through engaging with Human Mind Kind’s natural existential communication faculties of vision hearing and speech!